Not having to put up with the extra expense of childcare when working from home is a common misconception. Staying at home all day convinces work-at-home parents about the unnecessary expense of childcare.

Granted, spending time with your children or child is achieved since you’re not commuting anymore. You also have easier and better control of your time in attending appointments and school events. You can care for a sick child and still stay productive.

Yet, childcare is still important whether you’re working full-time or part-time from home. Here’s why:

It is nearly impossible to multitask

Multitasking has become a popular term and belief even when it is a myth. Numerous studies have debunked the common belief of multitasking because it is nearly impossible for anyone to do. It’s more semi-tasking when you do multiple things at once. The focus is divided on many things instead of focusing on one thing. This process makes you less productive.

The partial focus will not work when it comes to work and children. This is especially true when your children are still very young and unskilled at keeping themselves busy. Hiring childcare services allows you to focus on your job rather than splitting your focus between work and kids.

Your kids will make their demands at the most inappropriate times

A quiet environment is what you need when your work entails a lot of video conferencing, or phone calls, or a combination of both. Children being heard in the background during phone or conference calls can harm your professional reputation. Treating your home as your office is important. This means that hiring good childcare helps to keep your kids well-occupied while you work.

Workdays are not created equal

The repetitive tasks you do every workday don’t mean that it’s predictable. There will be times when nothing works as planned. Worrying about your children can make it hard to become productive. The curveball thrown your way becomes more tolerable when you know that good childcare is there to take care of the children.

Happier children

Children become frustrated when they have to spend all day trying to get the attention of their parents. A good sitter to do fun activities with them makes children happier. At the end of the day, you can spend serious quality time with the children. This schedule makes everyone happier when you’ve spent a productive day at work. The constant interruptions at work to take care of the demands of your children can stress not only you but the kids as well.

It’s best to focus on your career by letting your children have fun the entire day with their sitter. Going this route makes you ready to spend some quality time with your kids after a workday.

Your career is important

The support of your family is needed when you are truly serious about your career. Children have to understand the need for childcare for them even when you stay at home. Firm boundaries between you and your children have to be set for them to understand the importance of your work even when you’re home the whole day.

Good childcare is still needed by work-at-home parents. Multitasking is more myth than truth. Contact us at Sippy Downs Early Learning for more information about our available childcare services.

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