Kindergarten provides a learning atmosphere for your child to develop more skills. Some of the skills that children are encouraged to develop in kindergarten include cognitive or thinking, social, literacy and language, physical, and emotional.

If you are living in Brookvale, this makes it imperative to have your child enrolled in a good kindergarten Brookvale. Doing so helps your child to develop physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.


Kindergarten subjects


Learning standards are often set by every state. This is a way to standardise learning in children of certain ages. This standard of learning is followed by teachers in kindergarten to strike a balance between the best way to teach children and the best things they need to learn.


Kindergarten is a time of further schooling for children coming from day-care. Often, most of them have developed some skills in reading. It is the role of teachers in good kindergarten schools to develop the love of reading and hone reading skills by:

  • Sharing to the children books in different formats to make them develop a love for reading.
  • Establishing a group or individual reading every day
  • Teaching the letter sounds to children
  • Explaining and pointing out the importance and function of punctuations and capital letters
  • Supporting children that have English as their second language



The math concepts taught in kindergarten encourage real problem-solving skills in children. For instance, plants are measured by rulers to find out if they are growing. Pattern identification is also taught to enable children to see them in the surroundings of their homes. With encouragement from teachers, children learn to explain the answers they come up to math problems given them.


Kindergarten is an educational stage where children develop their writing skills. A planned story can be drawn by the children using their spelling as a way to further hone writing. The children’s writing skills are supported by doing the following:

  • Providing children with a variety of crayons, paper, markers, and pencils. Some schools provide the use of digital devices such as computers and tablets as another form of writing material
  • Encourage different forms of writing in children such as writing instructions and observations
  • Encourage the children about different ways of improving their writing
  • Using the pen-sharing story. The children are encouraged to write a continuation of the story the teacher has started on a large sheet of paper.


Listening and speaking

Speaking and listening to their classmates and teachers are the learning opportunities provided by kindergarten to children. Honing language skills make children learn effective communication. Teachers support this by:

  • Teaching new words as children do their math, reading, and writing
  • Encouraging children to share what they have learned and how it can be applied to daily living
  • Asking explanations from children about the things noticed and the things they are doing
  • Teaching children to remain silent when someone else is talking. Polite speaking is another skill taught.


For children, kindergarten is a year of learning words, letters, and sounds. The first baby steps towards the correct way of writing and reading start in kindergarten. It is a time for acquiring new social, emotional, and physical skills. I Steam Ahead are a kindergarten in Brookvale that has a comprehensive learning program beneficial for children.


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