For someone who is planning to take up arts seriously, it’s important to buy professional art supplies. While people may use different quality products, when you actually start utilizing the actual professional supplies you would be able to see the huge difference in the paint quality and different paper substrates. Quality of the art supplies has a major impact on the finished product.

There is a whole lot of technical difference between quality products and the usual stuff sold in the market. While everyone has some idea that paint is made up of binder pigment and a solvent, but one should have enough knowledge to know what a good quality paint looks like. While there is certainly nothing wrong with student quality art material. But when one is interested in pursuing art professionally, it helps to invest in the right quality products.

Choosing high quality paint based on the tint test

Buy paints of two different quality. Mix equal parts of the paint with the same amount of titanium white. Make sure there is more white then the amount of paint being used. Use a scale to calculate the exact gram of paints being used to get precision and order.

Use a palate knife to mix the paints well. Once mixed, add these to substrate. Use this experiment with oil and acrylics, because you can’t see the same result when you use water colors.

When you have mixed the tints, you would be able to see the difference between the qualities of the two paints. It’s a visible difference and one which would make you understand why you should buy professional art supplies.

However buying high quality paints isn’t the only thing you should be looking for. In fact you should also buy other materials like easel, paper and brushes from the right supplier.

However this is by no means an indication that you won’t be able to do well with student grade supplies. Sometimes people are able to work better using normal quality stuff. This is because, it either suits their budget or their working style.

Things to keep in mind when buying professional art supplies

  • When purchasing art tools online, make sure you check out review left by different customers. People normally have god thing to say about supplies which are good value for money.
  • Just because something costs more doesn’t mean it’s the right quality. Make sure to do your research. Sometimes products which cost a little less often give better quality results. Just don’t blindly go and rust brands, it’s necessary to find out things on your own by experimenting or talking to other artists as well. Sometime teachers are the best guide. Their years of experience has allowed them to experiment with a number of supplies and find ones which work best.
  • If you plan on buying art supplies from a particular store, make sure you know that the supplier is reliable and only stocks good quality products.

Melbourne stores stock professional art supplies, so take your time in choosing and buy the right quality professional art supplies.


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