You want to draw but don’t know where and how to start. Learning how to draw can be challenging especially when it’s your first time doing so.

However, the art supplies for beginners are easy to find and budget-friendly as well. Most of the art supplies you need as a budding artist are basic and can be bought at any art store or ordered online.

The last thing you need to worry about when starting to learn drawing are the various brands of art supplies. It’s better to focus on the drawing than worry too much on the art supplies brands to use.

The essential art supplies every beginner must have to start drawing include:


Drawing pencils

Most basic of all, drawing starts with art or drawing pencils. Rather than using #2, it is highly recommended to start up with a pack of real drawing pencils. Using real drawing pencils might seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s something that you’ll get used as you go along.

The best starting point is to opt for graphite pencils. One way to tell professional-grade pencils from other types of pencils is the absence of a built-in eraser. Pencil grades ranging on average from 6B-6H are also with art pencils.

A softer lead is with the grade “B” pencils while the harder lead belongs to the grade “H” pencils. The rule for pencils is this: The harder/softer the lead, the larger their number. This means that a 6B has a softer lead than 2B.

Graphite pencils use this grading system to fit every purpose. For instance, softer lead pencils do not need extra pressure applied when placing darker marks on a drawing.


Drawing Pads and Paper

Drawing cannot be done without paper. The quality of your work is significantly affected by your choice of paper. Draw printer paper is a good paper choice when you’re just starting.

Drawing pads are a good option as well. The variety of paper sizes and styles included in a pack of drawing pads is a better choice than a sketchbook. Investing in one ream of printer paper allows you to unleash your creativity without spending too much.


Regular and kneaded erasers

A pink eraser is always part and parcel of any basic yellow pencil. An eraser is not typically included in art pencils though some other kinds do. The two types of erasers that beginners need to have include:

  • Kneaded eraser
  • Plastic/rubber eraser

The easier eraser to get is the white-coloured plastic erasers. Kneaded erasers, on the other hand, are a bit harder to find. Looking and feeling like putty, kneaded erasers are grey-coloured and easy to tear off to shape or roll into different shapes.

Both types of erasers are budget-friendly and great to have around into your box of art supplies.


Pencil Sharpener

A variety of pencil sharpeners featuring different sharpening holes and blades are available in all art stores. As a beginner artist, any 2-pack dirt cheap sharpeners will work well with your graphite pencils.

It’s time to start drawing as soon as the basic art supplies are on hand. Keeping the list simple is enough to start and keep drawing every day. Progress only happens when consistency is practiced.



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