Early education can be very stressful for parents and also for kids in Deception Bay. Most people have never heard of kindergarten readiness and therefore never check whether their kids are ready when they are taking them to kindergarten. For this reason, the kids usually have a very hard time adjusting to their new routine. As a parent, it is very important that every time you are taking any of your kids to kindergarten that you find out whether your kid is ready for it or not. 

How kids can achieve kindergarten readiness

Kids alone will not be able to achieve kindergarten readiness since they do not know what it is or even how it can help them. However, as a parent, you have the greatest obligation to ensure that you make your kid ready for kindergarten. This is because it will play a great role in your kid’s future. When your kid is ready for kindergarten, you will have an easier time, as they will be excited about school and excited to learn. For this reason, you have to ensure that you help your kid to become ready for the life ahead in kindergarten.

Practising writing and reading skills are one of the ways you can help your kid to become ready for kindergarten. It will also help your kid develop motor skills which are important especially when it comes to holding a pen, and also familiarise them with the alphabet. Through writing and reading skills, you will also help your kid learn how to write their names and other simple words.

It is also important to begin counting with your kid. Counting is another sign of kindergarten readiness and therefore, you should not wait until your kid goes to kindergarten for them to begin counting. If you begin as early as possible, your kid will be more prepared for kindergarten classes. Ask your child to point out numbers they recognize on signs, in books, menus, on TV, anywhere they can.

Another way you can help your kid achieve kindergarten readiness is by reading to them and possibly, having them practise writing their name. It will prepare them for reading aloud in class, get them familiar with books they enjoy, and encourage them to read by themselves. If your child can write before they enter kindergarten, they will be ahead of the curve and can focus on refining their handwriting and writing in straight lines.

When your kids get to kindergarten, they are expected to dress themselves and undress themselves when necessary. Therefore you have to ensure that you have taught your kid in time. Teach them the appropriate time to dress and undress, to excuse themself from the room when changing, and who to trust when needing to change their clothes. When you help them prepare, they will be able to remove shoes and tie or untie them, wipe themselves after using the bathroom themselves, put on and remove jackets, dresses, shirts, etc.

Why is kindergarten readiness important?

You may think that you are wasting your time trying to teach your child to read and write before kindergarten. After all, that’s what school is for. But if you put effort into preparing them for what they’ll be learning, they’ll be more susceptible to the information and could have an easier time picking up the skills their teacher is showing them. You are doing the best thing that you should do for your kid. This is because your kid will be able to start learning fast with other kids. It also ensures that your kid has an easier transition and also will be ready to learn. This is one of the secrets of making your kid succeed in Deception Bay kindergarten.

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