The Kindergarten is the educational stage for students from 4 months to 2 years. Each child is a world, and this is why in some cases integration is very easy for some children, but after a period of adaptation, practically everyone accepts their new environment.

There are people who are aware that newborns have billions of brain cells or neurons, between which connections are established called synapses, which multiply when the newborn comes into contact with external stimulation. These synapses give rise to functional structures of the brain, which form the basis of learning conditions.

This justifies that it is in the first years of life where the sensitive periods are located, where the psychic qualities and functions find the best conditions to manifest themselves. It is vital to take advantage of this moment to establish the solid foundations of the learning of the youngest children through a system of indispensable educational influences that directs all the actions that are carried out with each child towards their evolutionary development.

What are the learning objectives of the Kindergarten in Hervey Bay?

  • Mastering progressively children know their bodies, their needs, and their abilities.
  • Acquire the four basic habits: hygiene, order, food, and sleep.
  • Participate in daily activities starting with their own autonomy.
  • Understand the language of the adult and other children; communicate and express themselves through movement, gesture, play, and speech.
  • Represent objects and actions of daily life through symbolic play and different languages: corporal, verbal, mathematical, musical, and plastic.

Choosing a kindergarten in Hervey Bay

Parents must ensure that whoever takes care of their children, are responsible and have an adequate level of knowledge. That the garden is a comfortable and safe place. That the salubrity is appropriate for children and also that hygienic conditions are optimal. It is also important to stay informed about the food that will be given, and what kind of educational methods they use.

If, when looking for a kindergarten they show a classroom that only differs from the school in the size of the furniture, and see tabs hanging on all the walls, keep looking.

Kindergarten entrance age

The most appropriate age for a child to enter into kindergarten is around two years of age, since at this age, they begin to discover the world, and a suitable form of learning in the environment of a kindergarten.

Other specialists, however, recommend that it should be after three years since it is at this age when the child should begin to explore the world with others of the same age and thus acquire their autonomy.

But all the specialists agree on the importance of the entrance to the garden, since through the games, the user-friendly didactic guides and the social relation, the child learns the foundations of the society and acquires a better understanding of reality.

Other points that develop in kindergartens are physical and emotional, these are developed thanks to the exercises of motor skills and mental agility that help the child in his development.

This new stage for the child is important and marks a change in his development, hence it is convenient to let him know in advance that the environment that will surround him, with what he will play, who will be his companions, in order to be able to adapt more easily to the new world that It opens before its eyes.

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