Early education or childcare has been an integral part of our society. These preschools are one of the first places where a child grows immensely. Childcare offers programs from infant care to after school and school-age program. These programs are delivered by professional teachers and Educators. Queanbeyan has a lot of these childcare centers across the city. These centers offer various programs varies places to places. These are few programs to look from:


  • Infant baby care

To fulfill a baby’s curiosity is the main focus of this program. In such a small age, warm environment is an important factor which helps your baby to grow abundantly for curiosity which leads to exploration. The child development professionals arouse various opportunities and experiences for important development. Keeping a baby engaged in a secure environment is the main focus of this program.


  • Toddler caring program

Social interaction in a safe environment is the main focus of this program. The caring professionals encourage the child to know more about their surroundings and fly freely. Social skills and self-confidence enhancement are also involved in this program.


  • Preschool program

This program is specially designed to generate a sense of enthusiasm about discovery, curiosity, and investigation. Teachers in this program develop a curriculum to enhance their social skills and knowledge. Meaningful learning and joyful environment which include enriched activities help your child to understand the basics of learning which leads to a better future.


  • Pre-Kindergarten Program

Literacy, Science and math are some of the areas in which this program helps your child to be prepared for future studies. Art, health, well being and social awareness are some of the main characteristics of this program. Exposure to a various array of learning is ensured, which helps in overall child development, teamwork, complex problem solving and decision making.


  • Kindergarten Program

School expects children to be socially well formed and have a base of academic learning. These requirements are the main focus of kindergarten program, continuous learning program emphasizes strong language development, a base for reading and writing skills and the child’s overall development for the school.

  • Elementary School

Dynamic and supportive educational learning curriculum open the gates of academic success, increase more awareness of core subjects, an overall sense of responsibility and communal harmony invites the child to grow and succeed in life.


  • Montessori Program

‘Every child has a uniqueness and individuality which helps to grow in the various field of learning,’ this is the belief in which Montessori learning is based upon. Sequential learning programs develop a sense of responsibility and social skills which leads to a bright future.


  • Backup care

High-quality care is promised in this program, regular checkup, emergency services, and special need have been provided under this program.


  • Summer Camp program

This program offers activities involving exploration, care, team building and motivates a child to grow in decision making. Nature exploration, art, and craft activities open up a new world of knowledge and learning.


Well, structures childcare program helps an infant to grow in a complete human being. Ethical and moral education enhances the sense of responsibility and humanity in an early age of a child. As a parent, it’s your duty to ensure the right place for your child care, and child care in Queanbeyan offers just the right, secure and joyful environment for your child.


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