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Oct 26 - Nov 2, 2018

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Lakeside Italy

The lakes of Northern Italy were an integral part of the historical Grand Tours of the European aristocracy. Later they became the holiday resorts of the nobility and of the middle classes from the big cities, 


Ancient Prague

Prague, a fairytale city, is the most beautiful capital of Eastern Europe,


English Countryside

The countryside holds a special place at the heart of English life and culture. And although the vast majority of Britons are now urban, 


Lovely Budapest

A pleasant time on board of our panoramic boat, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda & Pest and an optional 45 minutes free time on Margaret Island.


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Kindergarten readiness in Deception Bay

Early education can be very stressful for parents and also for kids in Deception Bay. Most people have never heard of kindergarten readiness and therefore never check whether their kids are ready when they are taking them to kindergarten. For this reason, the kids usually have a very hard time adjusting to their new routine. As a parent, it is very important that every time you are taking any of your kids to kindergarten that you find out whether your kid is ready for it or not. 

How kids can achieve kindergarten readiness

Kids alone will not be able to achieve kindergarten readiness since they do not know what it is or even how it can help them. However, as a parent, you have the greatest obligation to ensure that you make your kid ready for kindergarten. This is because it will play a great role in your kid’s future. When your kid is ready for kindergarten, you will have an easier time, as they will be excited about school and excited to learn. For this reason, you have to ensure that you help your kid to become ready for the life ahead in kindergarten.

Practising writing and reading skills are one of the ways you can help your kid to become ready for kindergarten. It will also help your kid develop motor skills which are important especially when it comes to holding a pen, and also familiarise them with the alphabet. Through writing and reading skills, you will also help your kid learn how to write their names and other simple words.

It is also important to begin counting with your kid. Counting is another sign of kindergarten readiness and therefore, you should not wait until your kid goes to kindergarten for them to begin counting. If you begin as early as possible, your kid will be more prepared for kindergarten classes. Ask your child to point out numbers they recognize on signs, in books, menus, on TV, anywhere they can.

Another way you can help your kid achieve kindergarten readiness is by reading to them and possibly, having them practise writing their name. It will prepare them for reading aloud in class, get them familiar with books they enjoy, and encourage them to read by themselves. If your child can write before they enter kindergarten, they will be ahead of the curve and can focus on refining their handwriting and writing in straight lines.

When your kids get to kindergarten, they are expected to dress themselves and undress themselves when necessary. Therefore you have to ensure that you have taught your kid in time. Teach them the appropriate time to dress and undress, to excuse themself from the room when changing, and who to trust when needing to change their clothes. When you help them prepare, they will be able to remove shoes and tie or untie them, wipe themselves after using the bathroom themselves, put on and remove jackets, dresses, shirts, etc.

Why is kindergarten readiness important?

You may think that you are wasting your time trying to teach your child to read and write before kindergarten. After all, that’s what school is for. But if you put effort into preparing them for what they’ll be learning, they’ll be more susceptible to the information and could have an easier time picking up the skills their teacher is showing them. You are doing the best thing that you should do for your kid. This is because your kid will be able to start learning fast with other kids. It also ensures that your kid has an easier transition and also will be ready to learn. This is one of the secrets of making your kid succeed in Deception Bay kindergarten.

Why Choose Coomera Private Schools?

Why choose Coomera private schools is probably the most frequently asked questions of various parents in Coomera. The struggle is real with parents choosing between private and public schools.

Ultimately, the expense of sending their children to Coomera private schools is seen as unnecessary especially if it will not greatly benefit the children. The free tuition of public schools is, perhaps, its most attractive feature.

Yet, numerous academic researches has shown the multiple benefits private education provides that makes investing in them financially and educationally sound for both parents and children.

The exposure to clearer value systems, access to outstanding teachers, and academic challenges while learning in safer environments are the exceptional advantages private schools have in store for parents and children.

Exceptional Benefits of Private Schools

The competitive, challenging, and safe learning environment provided by private schools win hands down when it comes to prime education experiences for students.

Higher academic standard

Private schools have maintained the reputation of providing higher academic standards to all their students. The grade point averages have to be met by students of private schools for them to remain in the school. While it is a rigorous academic standard, the high educational demand also challenges students to finish secondary levels and pursue a college education or degree.

Extracurricular activities are a serious part of the academic program of private schools. In fact, making extracurricular activities a prerequisite for graduation makes it an important part of the curriculum.

A greater level of performance is seen in students of private schools that push on to meet the higher educational standards. This encouragement and learning atmosphere in private schools foster significantly higher test scores in both state and college entrance exams.

Meeting the higher educational bar of private schools provide opportunities for students to achieve a higher level of education after graduation.

Class size control

Controlling class sizes is one of the main objectives of private schools. The small-sized class provides more opportunities for students to bond with their peers and teachers. Students enjoying a good relationship with their various teachers encourage them to achieve greater academic success. The encouragement and exceptional learning opportunities provided by teachers help a child to reach his/her highest educational potential.

The addition of the arts

Creating their own curriculum program is the ability given to private schools. While the basic course programs required by education laws have to be complied with, the option to add other courses to their programs is the option given to private schools.

This encourages private schools to create programs that add emphasis to the arts. The unique opportunities provided by the inclusion of an arts program encourages students a chance to express themselves while exploring their talents.

The regulations that curtail artistic freedom are not seen in private schools. Some private schools even take the arts seriously to make them offer courses such as video production or filmmaking.

Expect their students to pursue college

Attending college after graduation is one of the expectations private schools instill with their students. Studies have seen that children attending private schools for a long time up to high school graduation are likely to pursue a college degree. Being goal-oriented towards a college education is one of the specific aims encouraged and instilled by private schools to their students.

Independent schools offer an attractive option for parents that want their children to get the most opportunities and advantages, education-wise.

Why childcare is needed even when you work from home

Not having to put up with the extra expense of childcare when working from home is a common misconception. Staying at home all day convinces work-at-home parents about the unnecessary expense of childcare.

Granted, spending time with your children or child is achieved since you’re not commuting anymore. You also have easier and better control of your time in attending appointments and school events. You can care for a sick child and still stay productive.

Yet, childcare is still important whether you’re working full-time or part-time from home. Here’s why:

It is nearly impossible to multitask

Multitasking has become a popular term and belief even when it is a myth. Numerous studies have debunked the common belief of multitasking because it is nearly impossible for anyone to do. It’s more semi-tasking when you do multiple things at once. The focus is divided on many things instead of focusing on one thing. This process makes you less productive.

The partial focus will not work when it comes to work and children. This is especially true when your children are still very young and unskilled at keeping themselves busy. Hiring childcare services allows you to focus on your job rather than splitting your focus between work and kids.

Your kids will make their demands at the most inappropriate times

A quiet environment is what you need when your work entails a lot of video conferencing, or phone calls, or a combination of both. Children being heard in the background during phone or conference calls can harm your professional reputation. Treating your home as your office is important. This means that hiring good childcare helps to keep your kids well-occupied while you work.

Workdays are not created equal

The repetitive tasks you do every workday don’t mean that it’s predictable. There will be times when nothing works as planned. Worrying about your children can make it hard to become productive. The curveball thrown your way becomes more tolerable when you know that good childcare is there to take care of the children.

Happier children

Children become frustrated when they have to spend all day trying to get the attention of their parents. A good sitter to do fun activities with them makes children happier. At the end of the day, you can spend serious quality time with the children. This schedule makes everyone happier when you’ve spent a productive day at work. The constant interruptions at work to take care of the demands of your children can stress not only you but the kids as well.

It’s best to focus on your career by letting your children have fun the entire day with their sitter. Going this route makes you ready to spend some quality time with your kids after a workday.

Your career is important

The support of your family is needed when you are truly serious about your career. Children have to understand the need for childcare for them even when you stay at home. Firm boundaries between you and your children have to be set for them to understand the importance of your work even when you’re home the whole day.

Good childcare is still needed by work-at-home parents. Multitasking is more myth than truth. Contact us at Sippy Downs Early Learning for more information about our available childcare services.

Top 5 tips for using when managing child care centres in Townsville

Starting and running the child care centre in Townsville is one of the most challenging businesses. This is because it requires someone very keen and cautious for child care centres to be successful.  Child care centres can be very profitable if you are careful enough and have the right management skills. This where most of the people owning the child care centres fail and hence their centres do not succeed.

It’s genuine that organising and managing your child care centre can be very challenging, but you will need to come up with ways that will help you become a good manager at the end of the day. The following are some of the essential tips that you can use in the management of child care centres:

1. Have a consistent number of staff.

One of the essential things that will help you manage your child care centres in Townsville is making sure that you have adequate staff members.  The number of staff that you will have in your child care centre will determine the number of children that you can take care of at once.  When the parents come to spy or check on your child care centres, they will make sure that they confirm the ratio of the staff to the children available. Parents will never bring their children in a child care centre that is understaffed, and hence this is one of the things you should consider.

2. Invest in the right child care equipment.

In child care centres, there is that child care equipment which you must have so that you can make the children comfortable. Most of the child care equipment that you will be required to install are the equipment which your child can use to play. Some of this equipment includes the toys, balls, balloons, baby bouncers, playpens, colours, drawing books.

You will also be required to invest in equipment like safety equipment,  and health equipment like baby wipes, extra clothes, sheets, diapers, pacifiers and even sleep sacks.

3. Make sure that you take your staff for frequent training.

When you are hiring your staff, you must make sure that you have hired the team who are experienced and also qualified to offer the services that you will provide to your clients. However, the world we are living in today is very dynamic, and hence it is experiencing changes daily. This is why you will need to take your staff for training frequently so that they can learn how to handle all types of children in the child care centre.

4. Make sure that your child care centres clean.

You need to note that the young children are susceptible to the type of environment that they live in. For this reason, you will need to make sure that your child care centres are as clean as possible. By doing this, you will not be exposing the children to diseases that result due to living in a dirty environment.

5. Have a consistent source of funds.

In all the child care centres, finances are essential. You must make sure that you have adequate funds that can run the child care even if the parents delay to pay you.

The above tips are essential in managing any child care centres in Townsville, and hence you should make good use of them.

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