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Lakeside Italy

The lakes of Northern Italy were an integral part of the historical Grand Tours of the European aristocracy. Later they became the holiday resorts of the nobility and of the middle classes from the big cities, 


Ancient Prague

Prague, a fairytale city, is the most beautiful capital of Eastern Europe,


English Countryside

The countryside holds a special place at the heart of English life and culture. And although the vast majority of Britons are now urban, 


Lovely Budapest

A pleasant time on board of our panoramic boat, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda & Pest and an optional 45 minutes free time on Margaret Island.


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Top 5 tips for using when managing child care centres in Townsville

Starting and running the child care centre in Townsville is one of the most challenging businesses. This is because it requires someone very keen and cautious for child care centres to be successful.  Child care centres can be very profitable if you are careful enough and have the right management skills. This where most of the people owning the child care centres fail and hence their centres do not succeed.

It’s genuine that organising and managing your child care centre can be very challenging, but you will need to come up with ways that will help you become a good manager at the end of the day. The following are some of the essential tips that you can use in the management of child care centres:

1. Have a consistent number of staff.

One of the essential things that will help you manage your child care centres in Townsville is making sure that you have adequate staff members.  The number of staff that you will have in your child care centre will determine the number of children that you can take care of at once.  When the parents come to spy or check on your child care centres, they will make sure that they confirm the ratio of the staff to the children available. Parents will never bring their children in a child care centre that is understaffed, and hence this is one of the things you should consider.

2. Invest in the right child care equipment.

In child care centres, there is that child care equipment which you must have so that you can make the children comfortable. Most of the child care equipment that you will be required to install are the equipment which your child can use to play. Some of this equipment includes the toys, balls, balloons, baby bouncers, playpens, colours, drawing books.

You will also be required to invest in equipment like safety equipment,  and health equipment like baby wipes, extra clothes, sheets, diapers, pacifiers and even sleep sacks.

3. Make sure that you take your staff for frequent training.

When you are hiring your staff, you must make sure that you have hired the team who are experienced and also qualified to offer the services that you will provide to your clients. However, the world we are living in today is very dynamic, and hence it is experiencing changes daily. This is why you will need to take your staff for training frequently so that they can learn how to handle all types of children in the child care centre.

4. Make sure that your child care centres clean.

You need to note that the young children are susceptible to the type of environment that they live in. For this reason, you will need to make sure that your child care centres are as clean as possible. By doing this, you will not be exposing the children to diseases that result due to living in a dirty environment.

5. Have a consistent source of funds.

In all the child care centres, finances are essential. You must make sure that you have adequate funds that can run the child care even if the parents delay to pay you.

The above tips are essential in managing any child care centres in Townsville, and hence you should make good use of them.


Learning how to draw art supplies for beginners

You want to draw but don’t know where and how to start. Learning how to draw can be challenging especially when it’s your first time doing so.

However, the art supplies for beginners are easy to find and budget-friendly as well. Most of the art supplies you need as a budding artist are basic and can be bought at any art store or ordered online.

The last thing you need to worry about when starting to learn drawing are the various brands of art supplies. It’s better to focus on the drawing than worry too much on the art supplies brands to use.

The essential art supplies every beginner must have to start drawing include:


Drawing pencils

Most basic of all, drawing starts with art or drawing pencils. Rather than using #2, it is highly recommended to start up with a pack of real drawing pencils. Using real drawing pencils might seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s something that you’ll get used as you go along.

The best starting point is to opt for graphite pencils. One way to tell professional-grade pencils from other types of pencils is the absence of a built-in eraser. Pencil grades ranging on average from 6B-6H are also with art pencils.

A softer lead is with the grade “B” pencils while the harder lead belongs to the grade “H” pencils. The rule for pencils is this: The harder/softer the lead, the larger their number. This means that a 6B has a softer lead than 2B.

Graphite pencils use this grading system to fit every purpose. For instance, softer lead pencils do not need extra pressure applied when placing darker marks on a drawing.


Drawing Pads and Paper

Drawing cannot be done without paper. The quality of your work is significantly affected by your choice of paper. Draw printer paper is a good paper choice when you’re just starting.

Drawing pads are a good option as well. The variety of paper sizes and styles included in a pack of drawing pads is a better choice than a sketchbook. Investing in one ream of printer paper allows you to unleash your creativity without spending too much.


Regular and kneaded erasers

A pink eraser is always part and parcel of any basic yellow pencil. An eraser is not typically included in art pencils though some other kinds do. The two types of erasers that beginners need to have include:

  • Kneaded eraser
  • Plastic/rubber eraser

The easier eraser to get is the white-coloured plastic erasers. Kneaded erasers, on the other hand, are a bit harder to find. Looking and feeling like putty, kneaded erasers are grey-coloured and easy to tear off to shape or roll into different shapes.

Both types of erasers are budget-friendly and great to have around into your box of art supplies.


Pencil Sharpener

A variety of pencil sharpeners featuring different sharpening holes and blades are available in all art stores. As a beginner artist, any 2-pack dirt cheap sharpeners will work well with your graphite pencils.

It’s time to start drawing as soon as the basic art supplies are on hand. Keeping the list simple is enough to start and keep drawing every day. Progress only happens when consistency is practiced.



ISO 9001 Certification: Requirement and Process

Each company must meet a set of requirements to get the ISO 9001 Certification. The process must be meticulously carried out so that every aspect of your company is met. Companies use ISO standards to demonstrate their abilities consistently provide the right products and services that meet the regulatory requirements, customer and show continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification details

Within the ISO 9000 family of standards, it is only the 9001 that requires certification. The requirements of this system usually provide a set of measures to guide in the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS). These sets are applicable in all sectors of industries, i.e., production and service.

Further, these requirements specify the elements that are mandatory in a given QMS. Additionally, it stipulates the implementation process of all necessary components. You can tailor the scope of a Quality Management System to improve performance at specific departments or facilities.

Important points

  • ISO 9001 can be implemented in both small and large businesses.
  • You can get certification in all types of industries, i.e., both service and manufacturing. Whether you own a restaurant, manufacturing entity, a consultant, or even government entities can get the certification.
  • It is only organizations and companies that can get the certification. So it isn’t a personal standard. (No person can get ISO 9001certification). But in some cases, individuals can become an ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor only after a 5-day training course. This means they can audit other companies.
  • ISO 9001 certification isn’t a standard for products, as it doesn’t define products. Rather it is a process based on standards. You use the standard to control the process, which in turn gives you products that meet a particular set of conditions.
  • ISO 9000 Certification isn’t a membership group. You can’t join. Instead, a company must meet particular set standards, such as steps in the implementation of the quality management system.
  • ISO Certification doesn’t exist. Instead, it is an ISO 9001 certification. Even ISO 9000 Certification doesn’t exist.


Typically, the ISO 9001 Certification is divided into eight sections, commonly called ISO 9001 clauses. Five of the sections talk about the mandatory requirements for a quality management system. Specifically;

  • Clause 4 stipulates the QMS requirements: deals with QMS requirements and necessary documentation
  • Clause 5 talks about management responsibilities: outlines the criteria for customer commitment and focus, quality policies and objectives. Additionally, it covers the elements of planning, defines responsibility, communication and authority in a business.
  • Clause 6 deals with resource management: stipulates requirements for the provision of resources by management – infrastructure, human resources and work environment. Also, it talks about the importance of training, competence and awareness.
  • Clause 7 deals with product realization: it exclusively deals with the planning of the product or service, which involves determination and review of the product requirements, its design and development as well as purchasing. Finally, it deals with equipment to monitor the products.
  • Clause 8 dealt with measurement, analysis and improvement: deals with how to knowing how your system is working through factors like customer satisfaction, and internal audit

All these clauses are mandatory for organizations seeking ISO 9001 certification. However, an exception is provided for clause 7, which allows for the exclusion of portions that aren’t applicable.

By contrast, clauses 1 to 3 have no requirements; rather, they deal with the scope of standards, references and terms and definitions.

Remember, an ISO9001 certification from Atlas could help boost your company’s reputation.





What do our children learn from a good kindergarten in Brookvale?

Kindergarten provides a learning atmosphere for your child to develop more skills. Some of the skills that children are encouraged to develop in kindergarten include cognitive or thinking, social, literacy and language, physical, and emotional.

If you are living in Brookvale, this makes it imperative to have your child enrolled in a good kindergarten Brookvale. Doing so helps your child to develop physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.


Kindergarten subjects


Learning standards are often set by every state. This is a way to standardise learning in children of certain ages. This standard of learning is followed by teachers in kindergarten to strike a balance between the best way to teach children and the best things they need to learn.


Kindergarten is a time of further schooling for children coming from day-care. Often, most of them have developed some skills in reading. It is the role of teachers in good kindergarten schools to develop the love of reading and hone reading skills by:

  • Sharing to the children books in different formats to make them develop a love for reading.
  • Establishing a group or individual reading every day
  • Teaching the letter sounds to children
  • Explaining and pointing out the importance and function of punctuations and capital letters
  • Supporting children that have English as their second language



The math concepts taught in kindergarten encourage real problem-solving skills in children. For instance, plants are measured by rulers to find out if they are growing. Pattern identification is also taught to enable children to see them in the surroundings of their homes. With encouragement from teachers, children learn to explain the answers they come up to math problems given them.


Kindergarten is an educational stage where children develop their writing skills. A planned story can be drawn by the children using their spelling as a way to further hone writing. The children’s writing skills are supported by doing the following:

  • Providing children with a variety of crayons, paper, markers, and pencils. Some schools provide the use of digital devices such as computers and tablets as another form of writing material
  • Encourage different forms of writing in children such as writing instructions and observations
  • Encourage the children about different ways of improving their writing
  • Using the pen-sharing story. The children are encouraged to write a continuation of the story the teacher has started on a large sheet of paper.


Listening and speaking

Speaking and listening to their classmates and teachers are the learning opportunities provided by kindergarten to children. Honing language skills make children learn effective communication. Teachers support this by:

  • Teaching new words as children do their math, reading, and writing
  • Encouraging children to share what they have learned and how it can be applied to daily living
  • Asking explanations from children about the things noticed and the things they are doing
  • Teaching children to remain silent when someone else is talking. Polite speaking is another skill taught.


For children, kindergarten is a year of learning words, letters, and sounds. The first baby steps towards the correct way of writing and reading start in kindergarten. It is a time for acquiring new social, emotional, and physical skills. I Steam Ahead are a kindergarten in Brookvale that has a comprehensive learning program beneficial for children.


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