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Lakeside Italy

The lakes of Northern Italy were an integral part of the historical Grand Tours of the European aristocracy. Later they became the holiday resorts of the nobility and of the middle classes from the big cities, 


Ancient Prague

Prague, a fairytale city, is the most beautiful capital of Eastern Europe,


English Countryside

The countryside holds a special place at the heart of English life and culture. And although the vast majority of Britons are now urban, 


Lovely Budapest

A pleasant time on board of our panoramic boat, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda & Pest and an optional 45 minutes free time on Margaret Island.


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Kindergarten Options

The Kindergarten is the educational stage for students from 4 months to 2 years. Each child is a world, and this is why in some cases integration is very easy for some children, but after a period of adaptation, practically everyone accepts their new environment.

There are people who are aware that newborns have billions of brain cells or neurons, between which connections are established called synapses, which multiply when the newborn comes into contact with external stimulation. These synapses give rise to functional structures of the brain, which form the basis of learning conditions.

This justifies that it is in the first years of life where the sensitive periods are located, where the psychic qualities and functions find the best conditions to manifest themselves. It is vital to take advantage of this moment to establish the solid foundations of the learning of the youngest children through a system of indispensable educational influences that directs all the actions that are carried out with each child towards their evolutionary development.

What are the learning objectives of the Kindergarten in Hervey Bay?

  • Mastering progressively children know their bodies, their needs, and their abilities.
  • Acquire the four basic habits: hygiene, order, food, and sleep.
  • Participate in daily activities starting with their own autonomy.
  • Understand the language of the adult and other children; communicate and express themselves through movement, gesture, play, and speech.
  • Represent objects and actions of daily life through symbolic play and different languages: corporal, verbal, mathematical, musical, and plastic.

Choosing a kindergarten in Hervey Bay

Parents must ensure that whoever takes care of their children, are responsible and have an adequate level of knowledge. That the garden is a comfortable and safe place. That the salubrity is appropriate for children and also that hygienic conditions are optimal. It is also important to stay informed about the food that will be given, and what kind of educational methods they use.

If, when looking for a kindergarten they show a classroom that only differs from the school in the size of the furniture, and see tabs hanging on all the walls, keep looking.

Kindergarten entrance age

The most appropriate age for a child to enter into kindergarten is around two years of age, since at this age, they begin to discover the world, and a suitable form of learning in the environment of a kindergarten.

Other specialists, however, recommend that it should be after three years since it is at this age when the child should begin to explore the world with others of the same age and thus acquire their autonomy.

But all the specialists agree on the importance of the entrance to the garden, since through the games, the user-friendly didactic guides and the social relation, the child learns the foundations of the society and acquires a better understanding of reality.

Other points that develop in kindergartens are physical and emotional, these are developed thanks to the exercises of motor skills and mental agility that help the child in his development.

This new stage for the child is important and marks a change in his development, hence it is convenient to let him know in advance that the environment that will surround him, with what he will play, who will be his companions, in order to be able to adapt more easily to the new world that It opens before its eyes.

3 Reasons Why You Should Trust Childcare during Weekends

kids weekend

There are times we make many plans that are often left without execution because we do not have the time or tolerance to go through with them over the weekends. This is mostly because we are working parents and cannot make plans that do not involve our children over the weekend. Then comes the whole issue of not being able to go ahead with the plans because there are zero compromises on taking care of the kids.

There is however one way of making sure our kids are not compromised in terms of care and support being provided to them throughout the weekends: getting them into childcare! While it may not sound like an ideal plan, you need to know that this is possibly the safest and most amazing solution to your childcare needs. Following are a few reasons why you should always trust weekend child care Brisbane over everything else:

1. They’re Always Open

The best thing about childcare centers is their availability. They are always available whether you want to head out over the weekend to another city or simply want to camp outdoor at night, childcare centers are always open to entertain your children. Even if you feel that your children need a place to stay for the night for the weekend, this is the perfect place for it. From keeping your children warm at night to ensuring they’ve eaten at night, this childcare center is the perfect place for you.

2. There are Other Children

child drawing

A trustworthy childcare center always have more children to keep your kids company. You can always trust these centers because you have others at your side. There are always more kids who can help your kid around and he can feel comforted instead of feeling agitated alone throughout the weekend. This way, your child can also have a good time while you’re having the same, even if its not together.

It’s easier to leave your kids around the weekend when you know they will also have a good time with other kids of their age. This makes it easier and the entire family gets to have fun.

3. They have Professional Credentials

It is important to see that the credentials of all childcare centers are always ready and available no matter what. The centers with professional credentials can always be claimed upon their service and can be worked upon. The trust factor can be developed for these professional centers where work is being done properly without hiding anything.

Professional credentials also ensure that you’re able to attain more trust and develop reliability factor once you’re done admitting your children in the centers. You will see how carefree and comfortable you feel once your children are in safe and professional hands.

Council approves by majority Regional Development Plan

Autonomy; innovation, simplification and digital transformation; sustainability; safety; attention to fragility especially in the social and socio-health fields. These are the five priorities of the Regional Development Plan approved this evening in the Regional Council . The majority groups (48) voted against the Democratic Party, M5Stelle, the European Civic Lombardi and + Europe (30). 

” With the implementation of the Regional Development Program, Lombardy confirms itself to be a Region projected into the future and a driving force for the entire country – highlighted by the Chairman of the Budget Committee and rapporteur of the provision Silvia Sardone (Forza Italia) -.This document confirms Lombardy as a reality linked to the vocation of its territories, strong in its identity, capable of combining solidarity and competition. A Lombardy that is therefore more autonomous, competitive, attractive, supportive, safe and fast, capable of constructively collaborating with all the forces active in the Lombardy region and of listening and welcoming the various contributions that are proposed “.

During the final vote, numerous amendments and agendas were received from various group groups, including minorities. The majority of center-right in the interventions in the Hall has repeatedly underlined the great strategic themes that fall within the Plan and that aim to make concrete and incisive the action of regional government to give citizens and businesses the answers they expect, starting with goal of autonomy. The judgment of the PD, which defined the PRS as a book of dreams, is lacking, but it is lacking, especially in the health field, the decisive momentum to give citizens better services. Negative vote also by the 5 Star Movement, which defined the PRS as an unfinished work because some topics have not even been touched,


The objectives of the PRS
Within the document there is support for the candidacy of Milan and Lombardy in theWinter Games 2026, a strongintegration between social and housing policies, new incentives tointegrate cultural and tourism policies. On the security front, in particular, greater coordination with the Municipalities is envisaged for the implementation ofinitiatives to combat illegal immigrationin connection with the Prefectures and Police Forces, also with a view to favoring therepatriation of irregularities, and measures to theintegration of regular immigrants

The objectives of the Plan include the need to have access togreater autonomy in the coordination of public finance and the tax system to bring benefits to the business world, using the tax flexibility of IRAP and asking the Parliament to set up special economic zones (Zes), to encourage the development of new investments in the territory Lombard and to allow more investment to local authorities. 

The Region intends to preside over all the negotiating tables open and which will open in the coming months to support the territory and the productive sectors of Lombardy through lobbying and networking with the other European Regions:in particular, the nodes of the agri-food sector, the transport sector and the environment will be addressed. But the work on the new programming seven-year period 2021-2028 and on the new CAP will also be great. 

Other objectives are the realization of a ” Strategic Program for Simplification and Digital Transformation in Lombardy”,the measurement of administrative burdens aimed at their progressive reduction (document office acquisition and self-certification), the implementation of the Single Desk for access to public administration services for citizens and businesses, the simplification of regional calls and the related verification and monitoring procedures, the digitization of municipal services and procedures (electronic payments, digital identity, digital preservation, e-procurement and digital security). 

On the environmental sustainability front, priority to the improvement of air quality, to the development of the green regional infrastructure, to the integration of urban / territorial policies with those of water quality and to the containment of land consumption. 
The implementation and adjustment of the social and health system , following the reform approved in the last parliamentary term, will have to be reconciled with new policies for the family, with the implementation of measures for the free provision of basic services for children and with the strengthening of social housing policies. 

Finally, new investments in cybersecurity are planned to increase security and innovation in schools and in those dedicated to early childhood, for the promotion of social cohesion and legality in neighborhoods to counteract housing disadvantage and illegal and for a greater safety of the railway service.

How to see the Rai Regional TG with Digital Terrestrial?

In these frantic days of digital transition, the regions of northern Italy are completing the definitive transition to digital terrestrial TV . New channels have arrived, high definition, pay-TV, but also numerous disservices and technical problems that have made television viewers feel uncomfortable.

One of the many headaches that brought the new television is certainly the difficulty of tuning the Rai channels in many areas of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Piedmont , in particular Rai 3 , which it broadcasts the news and news of its own region . So many Rai emiliani and romagnoli subscribers, once re-tuned the decoders and the tv after the Switch-off, have helplessly witnessed the transmissions of the TGR Lombardia and Veneto, and some Veneto TV users have instead been absorbed by the news of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia newsrooms or of Emilia-Romagna.

So how to go back to see the news of their region and the editions of the Rai Rai fair ?

To be able to receive the Rai channels that offer the news of your region armed with patience and follow this simple guide:

  • First of all, if you can not receive the Rai channels of your region, try again every day the automatic re-tuning of the decoder or of the TV with built-in tuner. The transition to DTT is causing reception problems related to work in progress. If you do not receive in your whole area / neighborhood the problem comes from the source. The optimization of the channels on the frequencies in some cases could last a few days. ( See here how to tune the channels automatically )
  • If instead the non-reception of Rai 3 Region is limited to your home then you can try technical solutions. Let’s see:
  • If you can not see any Rai channel (or at least you do not see the first Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai News) you can try to unlock your decoder or your TV to receive the VHF III band channels with the European channel , setting the device nation to Germany or another country other than Italy. ( Here you can see the details of the simple operation ).
  • If the decoder can not be unlocked on your decoder or if it is not positive and continues to receive RAI 1, RAI 2 and RAI 3, it may be necessary to review the receiving antenna system . For some types of ducted antenna, adjustments to the distribution filters are necessary. ( Here you can see the first useful interventions you can do ).
  • If instead you receive all the Rai channels, but not Rai 3 of your region , try to manually tune the right frequency of the mux corresponding to your area . ( See here how to do manual tuning )
  • Search on the site of the frequencies and Rai channels broadcast in your city or in your province . Choose your city and manually tune the Rai mux of your region 

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